Scott Klavan appeared on Broadway in Irena’s Vow, with Tovah Feldshuh, reprising his role as Roman from the Off-Broadway run. He also shot the title role and did narration for Mechanic to Millionaire: The Peter Cooper Story, currently showing on PBS stations, and shot a comedy video for Onion News Network, Gorilla Mortality, viewed 1.5 million times on YouTube. He is a Lifetime Member of The Actors Studio
In 2014, Scott shot a featured role in A Soldier's Notes, an episode of the TV series, Small Miracles, alongside Judd Hirsch. Scott plays Capt. Robert Ellicombe in the Civil War story of the origins of the famed military ode, "Taps."
Scott wrote and appeared in P.O., (pictured below) a play for the 2010 NY International Fringe Festival. He wrote and appeared in The Double Murder Plays, a group of one-acts, for the 2007 Fringe Festival. One of the pieces, Double Murder, was published in Best American Short Plays of 2006-7, by Applause Books. The complete The Double Murder Plays and P.O. are published at IndieTheater Now, a digital theatrical library.
Scott also teaches numerous therapeutic arts classes for seniors and teens.
You can use this site to see Scott's current activities, a full bio, see video, get teaching updates and contact information. 
"P.O.", written by and featuring Scott Klavan,
2010 NY International Fringe Festival. w/John Amedro